Sunday, January 9, 2011

Busy Bee in a cupcake world.

Okay, Okay. First off SORRY for not blogging! I have been extremely busy this week due to my major procrastination for my trip. I leave on Friday! I am **almost** prepared for it! All I have left to due is throw everything in a suitcase and get my nails done.

This is probably going to be a short entry considering I am crossed-eyed trying to look at my apple screen. Too many hours of shopping leads to being exhausted to the extreme.

So what has been going on with me this week?

Well since I am a procrastinator.. (see new years resolution blog below)... I waited until the last minute to go out and buy my luggage for this trip. And this is what I came up with.

A lavish 7 piece(but I only see 4 pieces, thats because the other pieces were 2 shoe bags and a laundry bag..who wants to see black bags?) luggage set in plum purple for only $49.99 yep thats what I call a deal!

and since i am an avid cupcake collector and obsessor I purchased this cute cupcake luggage tag for $2.99 from target. 

It was also my co-worker/friends birthday:

Again with the cupcake theme... Cupcake wine class with a cupcake inside and surrounded by mini chocolate cupcakes. (290 calories per serving which is 3 mini cupcakes.) I totally skipped out on eating these. (Okay I might have licked the icing off of one of the pink ones.)

Carissa's desk I decorated.

Oh...more cupcakes! I am SO creative =) People should be thankful I am their friend. 

so basically. I have been busy all week! too many events at one time! Oh and I am in the process of going blonde again (again see new years resolution blog below) 

got some hi-lites however I am super sad I can't wear extensions on my trip because I don't have any that match...oh well my hair stylist said once i get to my desired color she will put real extensions in called cinderella hair instead of the clip-ins I usually wear. (Oh please ignore the makeupless face and also ignore the piece of metal in my mouth... its a tiger print retainer.... all my secrets are coming out on how I keep this colgate smile! needless to say its almost bed time) oh and my great eyebrows that I did myself last night. I was very proud of this.. it took awhile my brows were a bit out of control. I should have done a before and after picture.

Which brings me today I have been looking for a dress to wear, for the captains dinner. So I found this awesome dress for:

Okay its not letting me load it...I will edit later. Night time!

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  1. girl your collar bone is outta control. sexy! (btw this is Karina (dis-moi!) :) decided to mosey on over to this blog of yours.