Sunday, January 9, 2011

Busy Bee in a cupcake world.

Okay, Okay. First off SORRY for not blogging! I have been extremely busy this week due to my major procrastination for my trip. I leave on Friday! I am **almost** prepared for it! All I have left to due is throw everything in a suitcase and get my nails done.

This is probably going to be a short entry considering I am crossed-eyed trying to look at my apple screen. Too many hours of shopping leads to being exhausted to the extreme.

So what has been going on with me this week?

Well since I am a procrastinator.. (see new years resolution blog below)... I waited until the last minute to go out and buy my luggage for this trip. And this is what I came up with.

A lavish 7 piece(but I only see 4 pieces, thats because the other pieces were 2 shoe bags and a laundry bag..who wants to see black bags?) luggage set in plum purple for only $49.99 yep thats what I call a deal!

and since i am an avid cupcake collector and obsessor I purchased this cute cupcake luggage tag for $2.99 from target. 

It was also my co-worker/friends birthday:

Again with the cupcake theme... Cupcake wine class with a cupcake inside and surrounded by mini chocolate cupcakes. (290 calories per serving which is 3 mini cupcakes.) I totally skipped out on eating these. (Okay I might have licked the icing off of one of the pink ones.)

Carissa's desk I decorated.

Oh...more cupcakes! I am SO creative =) People should be thankful I am their friend. 

so basically. I have been busy all week! too many events at one time! Oh and I am in the process of going blonde again (again see new years resolution blog below) 

got some hi-lites however I am super sad I can't wear extensions on my trip because I don't have any that match...oh well my hair stylist said once i get to my desired color she will put real extensions in called cinderella hair instead of the clip-ins I usually wear. (Oh please ignore the makeupless face and also ignore the piece of metal in my mouth... its a tiger print retainer.... all my secrets are coming out on how I keep this colgate smile! needless to say its almost bed time) oh and my great eyebrows that I did myself last night. I was very proud of this.. it took awhile my brows were a bit out of control. I should have done a before and after picture.

Which brings me today I have been looking for a dress to wear, for the captains dinner. So I found this awesome dress for:

Okay its not letting me load it...I will edit later. Night time!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Learn something new, then teach someone.

Who ever thought I would be inspired by a dollar store? Not I thats for sure... Usually I would like to admit I don't even walk into a dollar store. However, that is not the case I am all about a deal. Too bad they don't sell knock off prada bags. Wishful thinking I suppose.

Anyways the weigh to win challenge to lose weight in six months starts tomorrow. This is a weight loss challenge at work, we will be competing amongst other stores and is a nation wide thing for our company. This is something I am extremely excited about. Not to mention something I take serious. I was asked to do this, so why not add it to the list of things I want to do. I mean it's not like I have a lot of free time when I am constantly working. When I am not at work, I am still constantly working, trying to get things together for the start of my photography business. Kelly Lynne Photography <---- Remember that. Yes I am promoting myself. This is my blog and I can do what I want =)

Wow, do I constantly get off track or what? Anyways, since its the new year I decided to not be so selfish and share the wealth of weight loss. No I am kidding, I am really excited to share what I know to others. Unfortunately, I don't believe all the team members are serious. The chances of all 11 of them sticking to it are quite slim. Hey don't get on me for not having the motivation for them, I do. They just have to be willing to put in the work, and has proven stats show, only a few will make it to the end. However, I am going to try and try to motivate them as much as I can. I won't lose faith in them, I just hope they don't lose faith in themselves.

Just call me the next Jillian Michaels. As much as I adore Bob Harper and want to be nice and gentle like him, I have an inner Jillian.

For example I am sitting in the break room next to one of the people who joined my team. Eating vanilla cream filled cookies. Hmmmm I don't think so. I took the package out of his hand, and read the NI on the back. Then proceeded to walk over to the trash, and placed into the garbage can. That is what they signed up for. For the next 6 months =)

It took my entire Saturday to complete all my starter kits I made for each individual. Take a sneak peak.

Free resources! (I wish these were handed to me when I first started) and my own personal quick tips that I have personally learned over the last year. 

Kelly's Kitchen Staples, I am promoting the new season of the BL(I should get some kind of reimburstment for this), and Lists of good sources of Proteins, and Complex and Fibrous carbs.

My completed packet. With were they are going to keep track of their weight and lbs lost or gained each week. And yes I supplied them all with a pack of extra gum to reduce cravings. 
This thing took all freaking day! It doesn't seem like it, but it is really difficult to make straight lines without a yard stick as a straight edge! Anyways, this is will track each week if they have lost or gained. Hopefully this being on display will hold them accountable! 

And thats how I spent my New Years woo woo!

In other news, I am on day 8 of 20 of the NO simple carbs in my diet. I have been doing extremely well. I haven't purposely injured anyone yet, so I am going to take that as a good sign. 12 more days to go, then I will be able to eat bread! (whole grains of course!) and I will be sailing off to sea. Which reminds me I probably should go to the mall today. I desperately need to buy luggage. I am such a procrastinator! Is it too late to add a New Years resolution/goal to my list? Because I am. Not allowed to procrastinate....oh and a side note another new years goal I am adding to the list is to marry into the Kardashian family. The only way I see that happening is to marry:
Yep, Rob Kardashian. I'll even be okay with the fact he has his ex-girlfriends name tattooed on his ribs. Fine by me, but hey if the name fits: Kelly Kardashian, it fits well with Kourtney, Kim, Khole, Kendall, and Kylie =)

Back to realistic resolutions, (Not that marrying Rob is unrealistic, I just don't think either one of us have the time right now. I was more so speaking of not procrastinating because I don't think that one is too realistic.)

My main goal this year (other than losing the rest of the weight) is to become a runner. Tomorrow I am starting my 5k training. I was all excited thinking Pittsburgh of all cities would have some kind of shamrock race. No! Not a single shamrock race. WTF PITTSBURGH, wtf!....So I am going to train to train. There is one in February, but who likes February. The month could be taken off the calendar year and I really don't think anyone would even miss it? I mean it only has 28 days, on occasion 29. What is it good for? 

A fellow runner (I speak like I am a runner and I haven't even started yet.) Stephanie is having a zensah give away. You can find her give away and her awesome blog by clicking here!

Peace, <3, & =)

Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 in a nutshell.

Okay I saw a lot of us wanted to recap 2010 and discuss our future plans for the year 2011. Well, I am going to do the same.

The recap of 2010? Well, I grew emotionally and spiritually during the 2010 year. I overcame numerous emotional obstacles. I probably got down to my lowest point of my 24 years of living thus far. However, with all the bad in 2010 (and trust me there was a significant amount of bad) I learned to appreciate ALL the good moments. I wanted to lose weight, and I did.

And I am more than happy that I opted to stay in for New Years Eve this year. I am starting to make more and more responsible decisions. I have to work tomorrow, and honestly I would rather not be doing it with a hangover. I would also like to have obtained a sufficient number of hours of sleep. I have a feeling that 2011, is going to be a good year! 2010 is ending so peacefully. It was an absolutely beautiful day in Pittsburgh! With being December 31st. The sun was shining and it was in the mid 50's!

(**Actual photo**) How beautiful it was on the last day of 2010!

Goals for 2011:

  • Continue to lose weight, and hopefully reach my goal weight by this time next year. 
  • Become a runner. I want runners legs, and I want to be able to run an entire 5k. 
  • To be more outspoken and not be afraid to express my opinions. 
  • Be less fearful.
  • Cut out useless spending (Coffee from Starbucks, McDonalds, Vending Machines, etc.)
  • Successfully begin my photography business. 
  • Be less judgmental on first impressions. 
  • Enjoy myself, enjoy life, don't get easily worked up over things, and most importantly be happy.
  • Oh yeah! And try to stick to ONE hair color hehe! Which would be blonde! (It's going to take awhile to convert it back)

Wishing everyone great fortune in the new year to come! 

Peace, <3, =)

Thursday, December 30, 2010

From that to this in 2010.

Well there is only ONE full day left of 2010. This is what happened in one years time.

I went from that:

                                                       (Before) I am the 2nd one from the left.

and that (Before) Late 2009

and that (Before) New years eve 2009

and that (Before)

and that (Before)

and that (Before)

To this...

and this (After)

and this (After)

and this (After)

and this (After)

and this (After)

and this (After) Im on the far right

and this (After)

and this (After)

and to this (After) December 2010

What a difference a years time can do. The major change I see, is the constant change in hair color hehe =)

Everyone have a nice and SAFE holiday! 

Peace, <3, =)

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Keeping up with the Karbohydrates

On the day after Christmas (December 26. duh) I decided I better do something about the 20lbs I have gained over the last 3 months. So to detox my system I decided that I have 20 days to eat healthy, and eat clean. I am giving up "bad" carbs: White flour, Breads of any kind, Rice cakes, Cereal, Waffles, etc and only stick with the "good" carbs: VEGGIES! 20 days to see if I am able to fit back into my size 12 ripped jeans. 

^^^ These are the jeans I want to be back into after my 20 day challenge of eating clean and no bad "Karbs"

^^^ These are the jeans on me at the END of September (So not that long ago)

If only I never procrasitnated, lost motivation, got careless etc! Well, it just gives me new motivation! Lets just "see" what I can do in 20 days!? I can't wait to post the results! My cruise is January 15! I am EXTREMELY excited because its my first "real" vacation. It is also my first time flying. I was never nervous before, but as the time keeps creeping closer the more nervous I become. *Fingers crossed* the way my luck has been (Let's throw in the old saying: If I didn't have bad luck I wouldn't have any luck at all...<--- yeah totally me!) it will be like the ironic Alanis morissette song:

 Mr. Play It Safe was afraid to fly 
He packed his suitcase and kissed his kids good-bye 
He waited his whole damn life to take that flight 
And as the plane crashed down he thought 
'Well isn't this nice...' 
And isn't it ironic ... don't you think 

Let's just hope thats not the case! We take off to Tampa the morning of the 14th, going to spend the day and evening there then the next day we are boarding our cruise to the Grand Cayman islands and Cozumel, Mexico! Here is to a Corona on the beach, zip lining, rock climbing, snorkeling, and sailing sea! 

Which have I mentioned I am TOTALLY unprepared for. I still need to purchase a formal dress for the cruise. I need to get something done with this mess they would call hair on my head, I have to buy luggage (yeah I said its my FIRST REAL vacation.) Of course I need a few new cute mexico-ee shirts! And a few beachy dresses. Which I went to this discount store called: Gabe's just browsing and O - M - G I found this Maxi Beach dress for guess how much? THREE DOLLARS. Thats right ONLY three dollars and zero cents! The color in the picture doesn't do it justice! I absolutely love it. I bought an XL but its too big but with some altering it is SO worth the three dollars for the dress for the beach. 
Heck when I am done with it I can probably sell it on e-bay and make a profit on it. 

I was just wandering in a store called almost a buck or something to that nature. A dollar store none the less. and I came across this little primitive sign. Thought it was rather cute and everyone would enjoy it! 

Hahaha isn't that the truth!

Peace, <3, =)